Vamping on Work and Class (was: History....)

Jim heartfield jim at
Thu Feb 4 00:29:24 PST 1999

In message <36B92FFD.6CCC at>, Paul Henry Rosenberg <rad at> writes
>> I wanna see some comparative analysis to Buffy. Oh and that
>> reminds me, one of my side little projects to keep my spirits
>> cheered is working with a pal on a critical theoretical
>> examination of the political economy and work in the
>> Vampire Genre. Any thoughts Paul? Esp w/ regard to Buffy
>It's all primitive pre-capitalist accumulation, no?

Demonic possession as a metaphor for sexual awakening, I would have said. Buffy has just arrived in the UK and my niece demands I video it for her (it clashes with the Woodcraft Folk). The experience of which convinces me that it is not healthy watching for adults - not unless they harbour romantic attachments to teenagers. -- Jim heartfield

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