What Is Deconstruction/Post-Structuralism?

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Sat Feb 6 19:06:39 PST 1999

At 07:45 PM 2/6/1999 -0600, you wrote:
>Chuck Miller wrote:
>> To all who condemn deconstruction, without (mostly) having read primary
>> texts:
>Chuck, I wouldn't dream of condemning deconstruction. In fact, I don't give
>a thought of any kind to deconstruction more than 2 or 3 times a year.

Carrol gad, but you're just full of the devil hisse'f tonight! I'm just laughing meself right out of me chair here. I have a comment! No, no a question/request really. Could you describe what you look like Carrol, cause I'm thinking that you remind me of this fellah I once saw at The Comedy Shop years ago. He was pretty funny. I thought Johnny Carson woulda discovered fersure. But hey, you know the comedy biz.... So. Don't know whatever happened to him, where his career went or anything. And I'd be thrilled to think that you were him. Got a pic you can email me? Or mebbe you could tell me if you ever played at the CS?

Smoochie Smooch, Kelley

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