BRC-NEWS mysterious new subscribers

Frances Bolton fbolton at
Sun Feb 7 06:35:37 PST 1999

I got subbed, unsubbed, was resubbed. Wrote to the list-owner and was unsubbed again.

frances -----Original Message----- From: R. Magellan <magellan at> To: lbo-talk at <lbo-talk at> Cc: owner-brc-all at <owner-brc-all at> Date: Saturday, February 06, 1999 11:46 PM Subject: BRC-NEWS mysterious new subscribers

>Liza Featherstone <lfeather32 at> said on Sat, 06 Feb 1999 about
>Subject: Re: [BRC-NEWS] :
>this is happening to me, too. so far it's OK with me since the volume is
>manageable and the info mostly interesting, but I have been wondering how
>>Speaking of which, a number of other LBOers are finding that they've been
>>magically subbed to BRC-NEWS. Anyone else having this happen or is it
>>the, what, chosen five of us?
>Add me to the mysterious list too. So, up to now we are seven lucky
>who are the new BRC-NEWS subscribers without having been asking for,
>I agree with Liza that "the volume is manageable and the info mostly
>Anyhow, let's remember that two messages forwarded from the BRC list
>repeatedly blocked the incoming messages in my e-mail from Saturday
>afternoon (Jan. 22) to early Tuesday (Jan. 26), totalling an increasing
>unmanageable flood of more than 800 messages waiting to enter, including
>several repetitions of the same BRC messages.
>[]s, Roberto

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