cop shows, postmodernism and all that

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Sun Feb 7 08:29:22 PST 1999

>>> Steve Perry <sperry at> 02/07 1:35 AM >>>

Law & Order and Homicide ..... blah blah blah. ... rhetorical commonplace.... only want to point out that this critical tack (ie, the position defined above) is as predictable and boring as it is insular....

....Because it *is* a, no one is going to win this argument, and I don't really want to join it..... .....Yes, as a matter of sheer volume, most mass culture is dreck, of course it is--but I can't really fathom how anyone with a mind halfway open can fail to find moments of surprise, of pleasure, of revealing ironies and absurdities in the popular arts. _________

Charles: Oh yes, Steve, it is all so insular and boring and you are so above it all, commenting on the argument but not soiled by it. Sure there are moments of surprise , of pleasure , of revealing ironies and absurdities, but these can get boring themselves, and they are so few and far between. But anyway, what do they do in the struggle to end capitalism, help or hurt ? I know that's a boring , boorish , insular question, from the riff raff, like the sound of rats feet over broken glass in our dry cellar.

Charles Brown

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