Mindspring censorship (Over-limit, but it's really important)

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Feb 7 13:01:55 PST 1999

Alex LoCascio wrote:

>Look, I'm unequivocally pro-choice. But I'd like to arrive at a sort of
>theoretical justification/grounding for this position, rather than
>uncritically regurgitating liberal "rights" talk.

Why do Marxists believe that workers should control their conditions of labor and plan production on a conscious social basis? As contemptuous as they often are of crypto-bourgeois moralizing or crypto-liberal rights talk, there's some underlying notion of morality and right there. Deciding whether to abort or give birth is has as much to do with consciously shaping our social and material lives as controlling the means of production, doesn't it? One of those basically human things we do that nonhumans don't, like building houses.


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