Rule of Law 101

Daniel drdq at
Sun Feb 7 16:49:33 PST 1999

"but in this case he [Clinton] is on the side of the Constitution and rule of law, and his enemies - Hitchens and Starr - are establishing precedents of political repression that the Left will long regret."

Someone may need to calm down here. The "rule of law" has been changed in no way by any of these proceedings. (McCarthyism: no, not even close!) The rule of law has been changed significantly in recent years only by Clinton himself, who is responsible for various "improvements" in our laws on "terrorism."

Only three things result from the Monica affair:

1. The over-arching power of the Presidency is reaffirmed, and strengthened.

2. The office of Independent Council is history. (It took Nixon to prove we needed one, and Clinton to prove that we don't. Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!)

3. Sexual Harassment Law will be weakened.


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