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Sun Feb 7 19:01:33 PST 1999

Alex wrote, " Hah! In one sentence, you say that Marxists unconditionally support bourgeois democratic rights, and then in another, you actually come out AGAINST open discussion of an issue like abortion. But then, you are the same fellow who accused Chomsky of lending legitimacy to fascists, right?"

Sigh. No, Alex, I am not in favor of suppressing discussion, on this or any other subject. It is a closed issue AMONG MARXISTS. As I wrote earlier, do you wish also to open a discussion of creationism? How about the flat earth? Sorry you have such a problem with words. But if you are this unprincipled in ordinary discussion, you would certainly not be reliable in a struggle that mattered. I recommend you take up liberalism, which requires neither scruple nor dedication.

Yes, Noam Chomsky did take Robert Faurisson's side, not only in defense of his so-called free speech, but against the anti-fascist Gitta Sereny's article exposing the Holocaust deniers as Nazis.

Alex again: "Pretty good strawman you've constructed there. I've got nothing against real struggle, but I'm simply not impressed by meaningless 'activism. Tell you what, Ken baby, you tell me what groups are worth my support in the Central Virginia area (preferably in Lynchburg or thereabouts), and I'll get back to you."

So now activism is meaningless, while this type of drivel has true meaning. Talk about a thing becoming its opposite. If Alex cannot locate organizations fighting for women's right to reproductive freedom in his location without assistance from me, his problem is much larger than this discussion would indicate. This is one issue on which no community has been bypassed.

Ken Lawrence

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