Fwd: Oscar for Elia Kazan

Adam Stevens a_ste at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 8 00:56:59 PST 1999

At 09:50 AM 2/7/99 -0500, you wrote:
>All you Hollywood folks out there....
>>I am looking for left intellectuals, artists, notables, and others who would
>>be interested in supporting a protest at the academy awards of the lifetime
>>achievement award to Elia Kazan. I believe this action is not so much about
>>his artistic achievements, as about the current efforts by conservative
>>historians and ideologues to revise our understanding of the McCarthy era
>>toward a vindication of government repression and of collaborators like Kazan.
>>If you know anyone who would be interested, would you please ask them to
>>contact me:
>>Leone Hankey
>>LSandraH at aol.com
>>Thank you.>

This is interesting, I hadn't heard about this. My father is an Academy member and he absolutely despises Kazan. To this day he refers to him as "that sonofabitch Kazan." As far as I know, most of the people in the Academy that are of my dad's generation (WW2 vets) feel the same way, so I'm surprised that Kazan would even be considered for an Oscar. (Of course, I suppose many of the younger members probably don't know much about the McCarthy period.) I'll pass this on to him and see if he already knows about it. If he doesn't, boy will he go through the roof!

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