Rule of Law 101

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Feb 8 06:19:09 PST 1999


Your number 2 below is what makes me wonder if a Republican motive in this whole thing is to get rid of the Independent Counsel law, which they have hated since Watergate era. They figured they might get Clinton, but once it became so clearly and consistently unpopular in the polls, it was odd that they kept pushing. Then I thought maybe they are running it into the ground, like Reagan did deficit spending to get rid of social programs.

However, there does seem to be a touch of self-destruction in it too.

Anyway, I agree with you that it is bad that the likely overall effect of the whole affair is to strengthen the office of the Presidency, which is backward.

Charles Brown

>> "Daniel" <drdq at> 02/07 7:49 PM >>>
Only three things result from the Monica affair:

1. The over-arching power of the Presidency is reaffirmed, and strengthened.

2. The office of Independent Council is history. (It took Nixon to prove we needed one, and Clinton to prove that we don't. Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!)

3. Sexual Harassment Law will be weakened.


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