those impeachment guys

Greg Nowell GN842 at CNSVAX.Albany.Edu
Mon Feb 8 14:04:21 PST 1999

Look, forget whether you like Clinton or not. What is there about those impeachment guys in the House that It just seems to me that you could practically look at photographs, or listen to some snippet of non-impeachment text (like a child reader) and you would be able to pick them out.

The old Ferris Bueller line: If you put a piece of coal up their assholes it would come out a diamond a week later, seems to apply. But I believe in empiricisim, sometimes. I'd like to know in just *what* this *look* consists, and how you can just pick them out from the *tone.* Whatever this quality is, Barney Frank, Ruff, and Greg Craig don't seem to have it. Any ideas?

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