Max & Doug & thebudget

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Tue Feb 9 10:10:46 PST 1999

Doug and Max-

>From this rube's point of view there's some sense here, though considering
the source, ya'll are most likely right.

I can't fathom budgeting, right? So sometimes I spend money, buy a computor, put up a fence, and then, when the debt starts lookin' silly, I stop spending, and obsess on paying credit card bills with glee as soon as they arrive. Then the cycle starts again. Works for me.

It couldn't be bad that when the Big Cigars are trying to tell the us geezers-to-be that we'll have to wait till we're 72 to get our money, the country will be low on debt and ready to move into the deficit spending mode. And what about those medical/long term care bills? Won't having an empty credit card help the country deal with that?

I was also real happy to hear that Clinton's seeming willingness to embark on a new arms race, is not backed uup by real money, though the selling of the idea is dangerous in itself. And I still think we are really pushing it with the rest of the world.

Now when you say that Clinton's follies could lead to slowdown, do you mean that this position would interfere with fiscal stimulation in the case of recession?

If you do, couldn't it also keep the Repugs and the infernal Balanced Budget Amendment at bay, and put the books in shape so that there's less excuse not to provide fiscal stimulus when the people are obviously in dire straits?

It just seems to me that whether Clinton means to or not, he's setting the country up for demands for economic justice, IOW, they won't have the deficit to through in our faces anymore.

'Course I could be completely misunderstanding this.

Perhaps desperate for silver linings-P.

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