Clintonism, Monicagate and the budget

Carl Remick cremick at
Tue Feb 9 10:37:10 PST 1999

Re Brad's: "Our choice this year and next year is between tax cuts for the rich and debt paydowns. I wish that things were different--I could wish for that optimism of the will that would drive us to a substantial expansion of public investment in the next two years--but intellect ought to enter somewhere, and intellect should be used to make things as least pessimistic as possible."

Hey, curb your intellect!

Seriously, that's it, either/or? Funny, I keep reading how Clinton is going to owe leftish types bigtime, since they were a hell of a lot more loyal to him than his good buddies at the Democratic Leadership Council. Plus, a look at today's glowering electorate might suggest Clinton the Indestructible is in a good position to steamroll the GOP and get any damn thing he wants out of Congress going forward.

Carl Remick

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