Jesse Jackson to poor: buy DELL!

Tom Lehman TLEHMAN at
Tue Feb 9 16:27:41 PST 1999

Dear Curtiss,

I'm sure that the Rev. Jackson & company has thought this through. Naturally guide-lines and a code of ethics for instructors would have to be agreed on by the parties involved. You wouldn't want someone editorializing for or selling their financial product!

The real problem today is with these so-called financial planners or advisors who have no real education in economics, finance or business. In the old days they were called insurance salesmen or mutual fund salesman and they performed a useful service to society. Today they are called financial planners or advisors and they spread 99% of the economic mis-information that is out there---and they have had a huge effect on the political-economic debate in this country. Most of it negative. These are the people who are shaping the economic debate.

Your email pal,

Tom L.

curtiss_leung at wrote:

> > Jackson said he would like to see 1,000 churches organize investment
> > clubs, tapping into the knowledge of bankers and others in their
> > congregations to educate people in debt about the "capital
> > finance culture" and the language of the market.
> This is really upsetting. And Jackson wants people in the financial
> industries to educate the congregations? Hell, that's the same as
> having the fox give the chickens a lesson on safety outside the barn.
> --
> Curtiss

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