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Wed Feb 10 08:47:27 PST 1999

(delurk) Maybe people could chat a little more about their opinions on/knowledge of the Kosovo crisis, especially from a globalization/economic angle? I seem to have missed what left discussion there's been in the circles in which I move, except for some rather silly Maoist posturing.

Thanking you in advance for information....

P.S. A little song, by a band called Scritti Pollitti (or actually by one Eurotrashy fellow and a bank of drum machines and keyboards) titled "Jacques Derrida". Ahem:

"I'm in love with Jacques Derrida Read a page and I know I need ta Take apart my baby's heart....

"How come no one ever told me who I'm working for? Down among the rich men, baby, you and the poor....

"I'm in love with the bossa nova He's the one, the Casanova I'm in love with a heart of steel... I'm in love with a militant Reading Nietzsche, Reinventing...

"Rapacious, rapacious [Envision this part as a feeble attempt at, of all things, _rap_] You can never say he ain't... Desire so voracious, I want to eat your nation-state".

Now if this does not signify the terrifying dominance of the post-modernists, what else could? It's infernally catchy, which is probably a strategic attempt to entrap us all...

Thank you all for the lovely list-serv. Your overawed and undertheorized admirer, Jane

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They advocate independence for Kosovo, referendum, sending international forces under the US auspices and essentially take a pro-Albanian side - in a word - balkanization.

The editorial stinks of liberalism-in-the-service-of-national-interests for a mile. If that passes for the Left nowadays, I wish Rosa Luxemburg, or at least a memory of her was still around.



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