Keynes' Queer Birthing (was RE: Clintonism, Monicagate and the budget)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Feb 10 16:01:01 PST 1999

curtiss_leung at wrote:
>> Does Keynes's paradise have anything to do with Mandeville's _Fable of
>> the Bees_? I'm asking because a position like Mandeville's might
>> provide some help for those despairing of hair-shirt leftism. Any
>> vanguard party that would promote economic vigor through consumption,
>> lax morals, and tolerance would be one I'd join...

For your reading pleasure....

Cornwall, Richard. "Keynes' Queer Birthing of Bayesian Analysis."


P.S. Some like it hot (dressed in a hair-shirt), don't they? "Well, nobody's perfect," as Osgood says to Jerry/Daphne.

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