Keynes, Weber, & antiquity

Hep Ingham HIngham at
Thu Feb 11 07:16:19 PST 1999

Greg Nowell wrote:

> I'm finishing up a three week presentation of Weber's
> Agrarian Sociology of Ancient Civilizations and note
> that the concept of "aggregate demand" shows up in two
> contexts:
> My question:
> 1. Does anyone know of any work on antiquity or
> feudalism which tries to bring to bear "Keynesian" in
> the sense of demand oriented (one might say Malthusian
> if one preferred) analysis to these structural
> transformation problems.

I just started reading a book of Polyani's collected essays, edited by George Dalton. The title is something like "Economies of Archaic, Feudal and Modern Societies", DoubleDay 1971 for the paperback.. The intro talks about Polyani's analysis of feudal and manorial societies.

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