Pointa-clicka-no-thinka. (was: teaching).

sokol at jhu.edu sokol at jhu.edu
Thu Feb 11 10:17:54 PST 1999

At 10:51 AM 2/11/99 -0500, Doug wrote:
>What I don't get is how there seems to be no "economic" impact from this
>pervasive indifference and ignorance. How does the most technologically
>advanced and organizationally complex economy in the world keep chugging
>along when staffed by these former undergrads? Is it that we need maybe 5%
>of the labor force to be sophisticated with the other 95% made up of loyal

It may take one rocket scientist to design those wonders of modern hi-tech, but it does not take much more than a bunch of chimps to operate them, at least in a typical office setting.

Does the name Harry Braverman and his catchy phrase "the degradation of work in the twentieth century" ring any bells?



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