'Free Love,' Etc.

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Thu Feb 11 13:30:40 PST 1999

>Um, perhaps instead of looking for a "flaw in what was going on in the
>60s" you might want to look at the material conditions that first
>*allowed* something like that to emerge, and then made the cultural
>re-assimilation so rapid.

Ummm I believe that what Frances is getting at are precisely those things and, what you missed, the sexism! Later, when I get a chance, I'll dig out _Freedom Summer_ and share a few quotes about the sexism that went on--the ways in which the 'free love' ethos was used against women both to get them to give it up and keep it in its proper place.

> While it's fashionable to dismiss this aspect of the 60s when
>it's not simply ignored, I think the truth is that it's just INCREDIBLY
>difficult to deal with, simply because its so damn complex and
>interconnected to everything else. Then the 70s came along and
>simplified it radically (in ways you mentioned) which makes it SO much
>easier to talk about, but utterly misses the dense complexity at its

Smoochey Smooch Paul, but I myself am feeling rather condescended to here, as a woman and as one of the Xers. In fact, all you condescending old coots keep it up <double maybe even triple! entendre most definitely intended> we're gonna get together--me, Frances, Alex, Alec, Eric, Liza and ALL the other Xers--and we're gonna secede from this divided union of marxish leftish bliss.

Ironically, Liltingly Yours, Kelley


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