heterosexism vs homophobia/ anti-homosexuality (fwd)

Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Thu Feb 11 15:28:12 PST 1999

>>> rayrena <rayrena at accesshub.net> 02/11 5:33 PM >>>
Charles wrote, with perfect lucidity:

>Yes, frankly I still believe there is some probability that AIDS was
>either developed originally or >secondarily in a CIA or other intelligence
>agency lab for several politically repressive purposes,

But then he went on to say:

>including stopping the free love movement. This is quite a radical
>movement and the >powers-that-be know it. It is more tabooed than

Huh? Are you being funny in your sly and dry way again? The ultimate reason for the CIA's existence, it seems to me, is to ensure the continued success of the capitalist system. It seems like you agree with that. If so, how can you really believe that free/open sex is more harmful to the capitalist system than, well, the destruction of the capitalist system (that is what communism aims for, right)? Something seems a little askew there. ________

Charles: Monogamy is a pillar of capitalism and all class socieities since the origin of the patriarchal, monogamous family, private property and the state (See Engels _The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State_). Capitalism needs monogamous families. Free love is deadly to capitalism.

Charles Brown

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