Max and Doug and the budget

pms laflame at
Thu Feb 11 16:10:54 PST 1999

>There is no overt attack on Social Insurance
>at the moment because the left is being gulled
>into debt reduction. The trade is a) you don't
>take something away from me, and I'll give you
>something you don't have. The clear implication
>of this political policy is to end up with


I was already too confused to come up with questions, and then this.(above)

Could you expain, please. Also, maybe I missed it, what about those contradictory statements about running out of SS money by 2013 and being flush for 50 years. Did that ever get explained?

Sorry if I've missed something. Think I do have a whole in my mailbox. Need to download a new Eudora.

Thanks, Paula

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