Butler (Re: cop shows, postmodernism and all that

Carl Remick cremick at rlmnet.com
Fri Feb 12 05:57:41 PST 1999

Re Kelley's: "Well it [the moral logic of an equal-outcome society] sure as heck didn't have a self-evident ring to it back then [in the 18th century], ey?"

No, I believe human consciousness is evolving.

Re Kelley's: "but tell me, once you get rid of the means-focused ideology of the capitalist model of distributive justice, what exactly do you propose in order to determine *equitable* and/or *equal* outcomes?"

Dunno. I'm not at all clear on the *mechanics* of this. But I'm dead certain about the *morality* -- to me, that's the starting point for everything.

Carl Remick

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