'Free Love,' Etc. (was Re: heterosexism vs homophobia)

Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at gte.net
Fri Feb 12 16:33:15 PST 1999

Frances Bolton wrote:

> >Charles: ...
> >I definitely disagree that free love is analogous to ending
> >affirmative action. You are overstating the male chauvinism
> >of the free love movement. Women were in and are still in it.
> You keep talking about this "free love movement" yet you
> haven't convinced me that any such thing exists. As far as I
> can tell, the folks who are out engaging in what you call "free
> love" aren't doing it as part of a movement, they are acting
> as individuals. Alot of people fucking around doesn't make a
> movement.


Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> Hi Charles:
> Charles: When you say "they didn't simply mean , etc.", do you mean they
> did mean this and the rest of what you say, or do you mean they didn't mean
> "women and men having sex with each other ..." at all. ?
> Yoshie: As you recall, Woodhull was also a spiritualist. They did mean sex
> as well, but sex had to be solidly clothed by the language of spiritual
> unions. Free _Love_, not free sex. Not just for Woodhull, of course, but
> for all those Free Lovers, including Free Lovermen. (An aside to Paul:
> First-wave feminists' opposition to abortion was indeed based upon their
> [mistaken] perception that most abortions were forced upon women by men.
> However, those upper/middle-class feminists also had some other reason to
> oppose abortion. They publically extolled the virtue of motherhood, and
> often on the ground that women must become better mothers, they pushed for
> equal education for women and other causes. Motherhood was their rhetorical
> weapon for equality, so they could not afford to support what was perceived
> to be its opposite.

Yes, but there were several worlds of difference between them & Woodhull. They were scandalazed by Free Love. She, OTOH, came from a universe with the same quantum signature as Madame Restell.

> Yoshie: My best informant on the whole 60s deal is Michael Hoover. And he
> says that what is memorable and memorably bad about the hippie scene is men
> calling their girlfriend 'my old lady.'

That went both ways, Yoshie. "My old man" meant boyfriend & was used equally freely. If that's the worst you got...

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