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>2.a. The sameness of a person or thing at all times or in all
>circumstances; the condition or fact that a person or thing is itself
>and not something else; individuality, personality.
> *personal identity* (in *Psychology*), the condition or fact
>of remaining the same person throughout the various phases of
>existence; continuity of the personality.
> 1638 RAWLEY tr. *Bacon's Life & Death #5 The Duration of Bodies
>is Twofold: One in Identity, or the selfe-same substance; the other by
>a Renovation or Reparation.

Carrol, does the "#5" mean that this is their fifth example in time sequence of this use of "identity" in English? Or is Bacon's *Historia vitae et mortis* really the origin. But then did he use a latin neologism? It would be too excellent if the project of doing a Baconian natural history of "identity" in this sense (which is more or less the one which had been under discussion) would begin with Bacon.

John Mage

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