Capitalist support for fascism....

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Sat Feb 13 10:29:10 PST 1999

Wasn't this the original military Keynesianism ? eventually in unity and struggle with its opposite in the U.S.

Charles Brown

>>> Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> 02/13 11:28 AM >>>
Henry C.K. Liu wrote:

>Do you, or any one else on the list, have any views on how Hitler managed
>to turn
>in 4 short years a war-torn economy that the Weimar's permissive and
>policies left in a sorrowful state not much different than the Russian
>economy of
>today, into a full employment, full production economy that was the envy
>of the

I thought it was a combination of government spending and fascist repression of labor. Fascism is a great inflation-fighter in a full-employment economy.


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