Russia and steel tarrifs

Tom Lehman TLEHMAN at
Sat Feb 13 15:23:11 PST 1999

Dear Peter,

I wouldn't make too much out of this Clinton administration pronouncement on steel dumping. It doesn't take effect until June---by June-July we expect to see 100,000 steelworkers out of jobs and at least six steel companies in bankruptcy.

Peter Kilander wrote:

> What do people think of the Russian Central Bank scandal?
> Or the fact that the Clinton adminstration has said it will slap "steep" and
> "enormous" tarriffs on Japan and Brazil? Not Russia though, the Commerce
> Department is still investigating their practices Technically, it would not
> go into effect until a final ruling is issued in 75 days. The applause at
> the state of the union must have caught Clinton's attention. So sorry Rubin.
> Max, is this the beginning of the end?

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