Capitalist support for fascism....

Peter Kilander peterk at
Sat Feb 13 17:49:31 PST 1999

Here's Doug in Wall Street, pg. 303, quoting Hitler: --------------------- "Thus, the task of the state toward capital was comparatively simple and clear; it only had to make certain that capital remain the handmaiden of the state and not fancy itself the mistress of the nation. This point of view could then be defined between two restrictive limits: preservation of a solvent, national, and independent economy on the one hand, assistance of the social rights of the workers on the other.... The sharp seperation of stock exchange capital from the national economy offered the possibility of opposing the internationalization of the German economy without at the same time menacing the foundations of an independent national self-maintenance by a struggle against all capital. The development of Germany was much too clear in my eyes for me not to know that the hardest battle would have to be fought, not against hostile nations, but against international capital." That was Hitler (1943, pp. 209, 213), in Mein Kampf. One should always be careful of critiques of finance that stop short of being critiques of capital -- especially ones that focus on internationalization as an evil in itself.1 (note)1.Obviously, capitalist internationalization, as practiced by multinational corporations, is something to be criticized. But purely localist critiques that view cosmopolitanism itself as dangerous are tinged with xenophobia, and frequently sentimentalize pre-existing local hierarchies out of existence.

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