option "c" -- cyberspace

Daniel drdq at m5.sprynet.com
Sat Feb 13 21:37:41 PST 1999

Alex wrote: "Noam Chomsky really debunks these off-the-shelf techno-utopias when he points out that the majority of people in this world don't even have access to a telephone, much less personal computers and the Internet."

Off-the-shelf? I was wondering where this idea came from. Maybe I should be talking to Walmart?

In 1998, according to the "Industry Standard," the numbers of Weekly Web Users was consistently between @38 and 40 million. I've noticed that business types do not consider this an insignificant number unworthy of their time and interst. And they're not just talking in forums.

Anyway, I carry no brief for techno-utopias or any other kind of utopias. I am proposing a forum that becomes something more than just a forum by virtue of making DECISIONS.


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