Capitalist support for fascism...

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Sun Feb 14 13:21:07 PST 1999

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> (1)There have been a few referrences on this thread to a plot in the 1930s to
>use a retired general to seize the White House. I believe that the general
>involved was not Smedley Butler, who during much of the 1930s was associated
>with the popular front rather than the right e.g., he was a leader of the
>American League Against War and Fascism. A right-wing group did attempt to
>set up a retired chief of staffof the U.S. Army named George Van Horn

Probably not Mosely:

taken from McNair Paper Nr. 50:

<quote> General Charles P. Summerall, Army Chief of Staff from 1926 to 1930, "forbade his subordinates to cooperate with" the Office of the Assistant Secretary of War, "which he recommended be abolished." He called the Assistant Secretary's Executive Officer, Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosely, a logistician, a "traitor" and a "scoundrel." </quote>

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