Dum-dum bullets in NYPD

Greg Nowell GN842 at CNSVAX.Albany.Edu
Mon Feb 15 11:21:46 PST 1999

I read in American Oggi/La Repubblica that the NYPD is or is about to get dum dum bullets (which explode internally on impact) because

1. You bring the target down faster, reducing the need to shoot more, hence protecting passers-by 2. The bullets don't pass through the body of the victim thereby perhaps hitting passers-by.

The article was very anti-dum dum and noted they had been banned from international warfare in the late 19th century. The name comes from a city in India where they were first manufactured, apparently by the British.

The AO/LR article said that two bullets went to the head of the victim who got shot 19 times.

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