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Smedley's statement reminds of another infamous confession from a bourgeois military insider. At the end of his term, President or Commander-in-Chief, and former five star General Dwight Eisenhower named and warned the nation of the dangers of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX .

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What's helpful about the Smedley Butler remarks is it reveals the lie that US interventions, especially during the Cold War, were caused by concern of Soviet expansionism. US imperialism is a continuing thread running long before the existence of the Soviet Union, and one which continues after its demise.

For a thorough exploration of US policy towards one particular case, Cuba, and how a policy of US control stretches back all the way to the Monroe Doctrine, see Loius Perez's much acclaimed recently published book The War of 1898: the United States & Cuba in HIsotry & Historiography.


Jeffrey Sommers

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