Nasty California Imports

frances bolton fbolton at
Wed Feb 17 07:00:08 PST 1999

As soon as we here in Florida elected a Republican gov (Jeb!) to go with our Republican leg., Ward Connerly came down to talk to the powers-that-be about ending affirmative action.

I read in today's paper:

"Ward Connerly is having second thoughts about leading a campaign against racial preferences in Florida." To quote Connerly,"If I were to make the decision today, it would probably be no. It has nothing to do with whether or not we could win, but whether we thing this state wants our attention [good example of Talmudic reasoning here] and resources rather than others that would be less troublesome." Speaking of Jeb! and the state repub. party, Connerly said,. "I'm getting a little bit stronger 'no's' from these dudes than I expected."


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