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Wed Feb 17 15:10:33 PST 1999

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>From: medea at globalexchange.org (Medea Benjamin)
>We need your help on March 6 to protest against The Gap!!!
>We (Global Exchange, Sweatshop Watch, the Asian Law Caucus and the garment
>workers union UNITE) are organizing a national day of protest against the
>Gap for its abuse of garment workers in Saipan (a US territory in the
>Pacific). We want to have LOTS of local groups around the country
>leafleting in front of Gap stores. We will provide the sample flyer, all we
>need is a few hours of your time in front of a Gap store on March 6. We can
>also hook you up with other interested people in your city. Please let us
>know as soon as possible if you are able to help out by contacting
>Juliette at globalexchange.org. Thanks so much, Medea Benjamin
>PS For more info about hte Saipan situation, see our website

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