Jews, Blacks and others

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Thu Feb 18 06:01:44 PST 1999

Just a bibliographic note,

On Marxism and the Jewish Question

Greg may be interested in the following:

Henry Pachter, "Marx and the Jews" in _Socialism in History_, ed Stephen Eric Bronner

Paul Massing, "Socialist Labor and Anti Semitism (1863-1914)" in his _Rehearsal for Destruction: A Study of Political Anti Semitism in Imperial Germany_

Enzo Traverso, _The Marxists and the Jewish Question, the History of a Debate, 1843-1943)_

for a development of Marx's analysis of civil society and political emancipation in his Bauer critique, see Paul Thomas, _Alien Politics: marxist state theory retrieved_

on the Charles Murray question

see the unduly negected analysis by Ned Block, "How heritability misleads about race" in *Cognition* 56 (1995): 99-128

Aside from a helpful discussion of the difference between heritability and genetic determination--for some reason a discussion missing from most *Bell Curve* critique books--Block develops the following disturbing point: " -The Bell Curve's_ main argument for black genetic inferiority in IQ depends for its persuasive force on conceptual confusions that have been tacitly accepted to some degree even by many of the book's sharpest critics." Why future sharp critics would go on to ignore or demonstrate no real understanding of the arguments made by Block is a mystery to me.

yours, rakesh

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