Hitchens war escalates

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Feb 18 06:51:39 PST 1999

Peter Kilander wrote:

> >From 14 February 1999 London Review of Books letters to editors:
> Moderation or Death
> Francis Wheen challenges Roger Scruton to 'cite a single political crime'
> with which Christopher Hitchens has sided (Letters, 21 January). Well,
> 'crime' is rather strong,

Hitchens has sided with those who want to place a heavy moral burden on women contemplating abortion. That is a pretty serious political crime -- and in fact I've never really been able to read Hitchens without a bad taste in my mouth since he came out with that slime in *Nation* some years ago. Opposition to abortion (which includes insisting that it is a heavy moral choice) is an attack on women, which is an attack on humanity. If he is a homophobe, it figures. If he is capable of betrayal of anything or anyone, it figures.


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