Weyrich Letter to Conservatives: Cultural Marxists...

curtiss_leung at ibi.com curtiss_leung at ibi.com
Thu Feb 18 11:41:30 PST 1999

Angela writes:

> interesting that the frankfurters are accused of being (importing)

> pc, which is the last place i would have looked. but then, you

> gotta try and be racist without looking racist, and what better folk

> to pick on that those unfunny germans... official australian govt

> policy is pretty much this 'we're not allowed to say anything

> anymore', but we like our racism without proxies.

Oh, it's even weirder than that. Check out


for the *INSIDE STORY* of how Adorno and those vile Frankfurters

created TV.

Seriously, the essay is 151 proof right wing paranoia for sure, but

what's interesting is its crackpot theses have legs, and where those

legs have taken them. If this is how far from reality "respectable"

right opinion is...oh, I don't wanna think about it....



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