Marx supporting the Jewish community

Chris Burford cburford at
Thu Feb 18 23:40:01 PST 1999

In connection with the recent thread, I thought it would be interesting to post the following passage, which appears to be free of all dialectical irony:-

Marx to Arnold Ruge, writing from Cologne 13 March 1843:

"You have probably already read Bauer's self-defence. In my opinion, he has never before written so well.

As far as the Rheinische Zeitung is concerned I would not remain *under any conditions*; it is impossible for me to write under Prussian censorship or to live in the Prussian atmosphere.

I have just been visited by the chief of the Jewish community here, who has asked me for a petition for the Jews to the Provincial Assembly, and I am willing to do it. However much I dislike the Jewish faith, Bauer's views seem to me too abstract. The thing is to make as many breaches as possible in the Christian state and to smuggle in as much as we can of what is rational. At least, it must be attempted - and the *embitterment* grows with every petition that is rejected with protestations."

Collected Works 1975 Vol 1 p400.

Chris Burford


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