Immortality and Barbaric Racial Utopias

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Fri Feb 19 07:24:23 PST 1999

angela noted:

>there are numerous ways of presenting exclusions
>as if they are either the effect of the other (their very presence or
>inability/refusal to assimilate) or as technical outcomes of a
>meritocratic/individuated allocation.

After drawing a racial pincher chart, Peter Brimelow takes the first track; he argues that non white immigrants are not assimilable. After having murdered people from Guinea and Haiti, the NYPD would surely agree.

The repeal of the national origins quota in the US in the 60s was ostensibly meant to rid American immigration law of racism and move towards an individuated/meritocratic system. But then some policy makers actually intended to limit Asian American and minority growth generally through the move to a family oriented system. And today proposals in the US are floated to move from a family- to a skill-based admission system which does indeed suggest more of a meritocratic rather than racial vision of citzenry. And there is of course the open use of the visa system for skilled workers, recommended by Sun's Scott McNealy and countless other Silicon Valley types. But even "meritocratic" permanent resident aliens are not easily allowed to bring spouses and children.

And the repatriation of resident aliens who have committed petty crimes in accordance with the congressional acts of 1996 does suggest a racial vision (see articles by Donna deCesare in recent NACLAS about repatriations to El Salvador and Haiti); the denial of public aid to workers without papers (illegal aliens) does suggest an apartheid polity since these workers do contribute sales taxes to the state probably in excess of what they receive in benefits; and there has been a proposal to require that families which are pursuing reunification are at least 150% over the poverty line (I don't know how far this has gotten in Congress; it was proposed more than a couple of years ago, I believe). Which seems to be the consequence of the racialized discourse on the underclass. Of course there has been a new vehmenence in denying public benefits and access to public jobs even to permanent resident aliens.

By the way, Clinton now closes important addresses with his wish that "God Bless, America." As far as I can remember, Clinton renewed this obnoxious practice in the Democratic Party at the convention at which he was nominated for his first bid for the presidency. What kind of community must America be if God is really going to bless "us"?

yours, rakesh

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