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sokol at jhu.edu sokol at jhu.edu
Fri Feb 19 10:56:14 PST 1999

At 04:15 AM 2/20/99 +1100, angela wrote:
>our esteemed prime minister has just informed us that he will be
>writing the preamble that will go to the republic referenda later this
>year. this preamble will, he says, mention god.... i assume he wants
>to refer authorship of the nation to god; so perhaps we are doing a

Is that the only nonsense his majesty has or will say?

That reminds me of a Hitchens (?) story about a certain Irish atheist whose son was dating a Catholic woman. One day the son told his father that he had a big problem -- he and that woman wanted to marry, but her condition was that the wedding ceremony must be in a church. The father replied: "so what's the problem? Marry her in a church, if she wants. You do not think there is any reality behind that nonsense, do you?"

PS. The best way to piss the god-loving crowd I've found so far is an inquiry into the sex of the divine critter. The answer is predictably "male" - which opens a line of questioning about the presence or absence of sex-specific body parts in god (cf. "Doesn't the lack of a pussy indicate god's imperfection?") and about the source of of the knowledge on that subject matter.



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