Putting The Cop Shows Back In The Cop Shows Thread (And Even a Little Deconstruction, too!)

James Baird jlbaird3 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 19 23:28:24 PST 1999

>> will hate this ... as if buffy is being punished for being
>> tempted by faith, and faith for being faith E.G. being the
>> only female character on the show who A)EATS b)openly digs
>> her own aggression c)digs other grrrls d) really digs sex in
>> general...
>Well, I understand your fear, but I don't really share it.

I'll second that. Think back to last season, with the heartrending Buffy and Angel have sex/ Angel turns back into evil nasty vampire plot. Now, in lesser hands, that WOULD have been a punishment/transgression thing - "Look what happens when you let lust take over, missy!" But it wasn't. I can't even explain why it wasn't, but somehow through the whole arc - Buffy agonizing over killing Angel, Angel taunting her with the deaths of her friends, Buffy sending him to hell just as regains his humanity - there was not a moralistic note. I think it's because no matter what sorts of metaphoric or thematic webs the writers might be spinning, they remain true to the characters first. If you're grounded in humanity you can never be moralistic.

I also want to apologize, Liza (now that I look back over my previous post) if I underestimated your understanding of the show. My only excuse is that I so rarely get a chance to discuss it - when I tell friends how good it is, they think I'm being ironic, as if I'm deconstructing "Baywatch". They can't seem to get past the name. Probably the most idea-packed show on TV, and never anyone to discuss the ideas with...

Jim Baird

P.S. That Faith/Buffy dancing scene - HOT! HOT! HOT! I could feel the waves of steam coming off my TV...

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