Slavery gets headlines

MScoleman at MScoleman at
Sat Feb 20 14:16:59 PST 1999

These incidents of slavery are not new. Before I got hired into the aristocracy of labor through eeoc, i was a waitress and a barmaid for years. My last job was working for Howard Johnsons as a bar maid. The owners hired an Iranian manager and he used to bring illegal Iranians into the country, pay them $1.00 an hour and have them sleeping in garages in New Jersey. If any of these guys (they were all men) got out of hand, the manager would simply call immigration, and they'd be deported -- so the owners only ever paid a one way fare to get these guys here. One of the men he called immigration on got away. That weekend the owner came in while we were all sitting in the back having our meals before shift (the job came with one meal per shift). He had on a long face and announced that the Iranian manager wouldn't be in for a while because the escapee had slashed all the tendons in the manager's arms. The entire staff stood as one and cheered. The owner ran out of the restaurant. Oh, did I mention that this was in 1977? maggie coleman mscoleman at

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