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Sun Feb 21 06:15:13 PST 1999

>Most economists believe that a repeat of the 1930s is unlikely, if only
>because people ought to have learned from their mistakes. Yet central
>banks failed to foresee either the 1930s depression or the great inflation
>of the 1970s. A big concern for the world economy may now be that central
>bankers, having successfully scotched that inflation, will prove too slow
>to come to grips with the prospect of deflation.
This is what I like about The Economist, and BW. They will tell it like it is, instead of ideological posturing all the time, because in that famous long run, it's good for Capitalism.

It is the absence of anything like the above in the Time article about Allie, Bobby, and Larry, that makes them anything but heroes.


I was just playing, about the subscriber thing. Tass is the Tasmanian Devil. Dougdaddy's judgements are most excellent.

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