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Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at
Sun Feb 21 15:29:37 PST 1999

Max Sawicky wrote:

> Of interest to economists and others,
> see below.
> mbs
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> Does the New York Times Get It Right?
> How About the Washington Post?
> When it comes to economic reporting, you can find out, with the Economic
> Reporting Review ( The Economic Reporting Review (ERR)
> provides on-line analysis, updated weekly, of the economic reporting in the
> New York Times and the Washington Post. ERR will call attention to both
> positive and negative aspects of the reporting on economic issues that
> appears in these papers.

As a confirmed non-economist, I can only say that the service this continues, EPI's Reading Between The Lines, was absolutely first rate.

I used it on many occassions to bash know-nothing cyberlibertarians, dittoheads and other rightwing digitrash over the heads with. Invariably they had absolutely NO idea what hit them.

Now, if only we had someone equally qualified to take on our own woeful LA Times...

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