alien invasion and waco

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Mon Feb 22 07:02:53 PST 1999

kelly wrote:

>Wow! Did the invasion actually occur? Were the effects on the
>ecosystem severe or was the invasion somehow repelled or at least
coped with?

you mean the japanese starfish 'invasion' of the coral reefs? well, we fought them on the beaches..... i think the operative word for media pundits and bio-fascists alike was 'japanese'. a small blip on our tv sets and no more. if you mean the general destruction of wildlife and fauna - that is proceeding according to schedule.

but hey, guess what, it has just been revealed that the coral reefs are dying anyway, and not due to any foreign starfish jumping ship like dastadly refugees. it's called outfall, shit and piss and all the pesticide/fertiliser gunk we chuck in the sewers and down the drains and into the rivers. and our rivers get this blue-green algae which chokes off the oxygen supply to water life and makes the river water undrinkable in summer. the algae grows beyond all proprtion because it gets fed too much by all the fertilisers.... but i don't think anyone's managed to come up with a foreign-sounding name for it yet. monsanto doesn't quite have the right ring to it.

>As Angela noted in her reply, "various govt. agencies also know that
in order
>to get more funds they have to present their tasks in implicitly

speaking of which, i just saw the doco on waco tonight. if the repubs think that by accusing someone of moral depravity everything is permitted as a response; then i'm thinking that the dems like to beleive that by accusing something of being a cult, then so too, everything is permitted. then again, it may just have been the agencies big chance for more bucks - a claim that looked pretty convincing to me.


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