Jazz on the Left

Alex LoCascio alexlocascio at juno.com
Mon Feb 22 05:00:04 PST 1999

Sam Pawlett wrote:
>err-a bit late here Paula but,yes, Cab Calloway was politically active
in the
>late 30's and late 40's along with many other jazz musicians like Bird,
>Ellington and hosts of others.

One current Jazz great who carries on this tradition is the trumpeter Dave Douglas. In the liner notes to his album Five, he thanks Noam Chomsky, and his first album with the Tiny Bell Trio, Constellations, has a song called "Maquiladora." The title of his album Parallel Worlds is an allusion to "disparate conditions of people's lives in this country: from politicians and corporate leaders to the seemingly invisible millions of disenfranchised an underutilized poor. That such disparities exist in so rich a country is certainly an anomaly that needs to be commented on."

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