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Michael Pollak mpollak at
Mon Feb 22 19:58:55 PST 1999

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Maureen Therese Anderson wrote:

> Maybe all you isolated Buffy fans should
> have a secret handshake or something to identify each other.
> Hey--Freemasons! Now where do *they* fit into this demonic/French
> Revolution pantheon??)

It is surely that you jest, Mme. Therese -- Freemasons were coeval with the French Revolution. And theirs was arguably the first attempt to combine symbology with the Enlightenment to produce a secularized religion -- a process that has arguably continued for two centuries and given birth to the New Age millennial feminism that culminates in Buffy -- the "religion without god" that your reviewer friend speaks of so articulately.

M. Michel

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