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Tue Feb 23 11:11:14 PST 1999

I am surprised to see self-respecting lefties on this list cheerleading anti-trust legal action and competition with Linux to the Microsoft monopoly on the PC operating system. Do you secretly belive that competition and market-schmarket work, or what?

To my limited understanding of computer technology, uniform standards are an asset rather than a disadvantage in this world already plagued with compatibility problems. Microsoft monopoly on the operating system provides such uniformity - and I view it essentially as a good thing, and antidote against anarchic competition and proliferation of company-specific standards and formats.

The only problem with Microsoft is not its monopoly but its private ownership - but that can be easily fixed. Have you guys and gals forgotten that brave and proud word NATIONALIZATION?

The nationalization of the Windows operating system would effectively solve most of the problems computer geeks are now bitching about, specifically:

1. It would provide a neutral platform for all specialized applications 2. It would prevent using OS as a marketing scheme to undercut competition 3. It would prevent planned obsolescence taht require constant "upgrading" 4. It would make public imput/improvement possible (in the way Linnux is now).

Nationalization may now be a dirty word thanks to the libertarian / yuppie trolls populating the computer geekoland - but socialists and marxists should know better, no?



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