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Tue Feb 23 12:59:49 PST 1999

Nationalization may now be a dirty word thanks to the libertarian / yuppie trolls populating the computer geekoland - but socialists and marxists should know better, no?


Wojtek -----------------

Nationalization of Microsoftwarez would be a profoundly mistaken, and pointless exercise. The problem is their software is broken by design and attempts to supplant and subvert the international industry standards that already exist. Nationalization would be pointless because we already have a de facto nationalization of an operating system in Unix. That's why its free, and that's why MS is trying to install NT as a substitute network and internet OS.

With that said, the only two advantages to nationalization would be the re-appropriation of whatever bogus assets MS has commandeered--i.e keep the money and throw out the software. The second, would be to elimenate MS as a destructive, disruptive, and megalomaniac force in the computer industry.

Chuck Grimes

PS. I just read Max Sawicky's and he made the same points. Sorry about the duplication.

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