Butler, Nussbaum, Paglia

Sam Pawlett epawlett at uniserve.com
Wed Feb 24 12:02:08 PST 1999

Alex LoCascio wrote:

> Pagli(d)uh launches a rather nasty attack on both Butler and Nussbaum in
> Salon this week.
> Those of you with a hard-on against Butler should be proud of being in
> such fine reactionary company.

But a lot of people who attack Butler and like minded theorists do so because it is bad philosophy not because they are reactionaries.I'm thinking of Chris Norris and Peter Dews here.The truth should never be sacrificed in the name of politics. Guilt by association is a (poor) propaganda technique. From what I can gather, most listmembers here would be in favor of legalization or decriminalization of certain drugs yet Milton Friedman, William Buckley and 100% of libertarians are for the same policy. Should I change my mind because Milton Friedman happens to support the same policy I do? Consistent libertarians are against corporate welfare. Should leftists now be for corporate welfare? Further, what are the political consequences if progressives work with reactionaries in trying to eliminate things like corporate welfare as I understand is happening in the U.S.?


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