Buffy and racism

Carl Remick cremick at rlmnet.com
Thu Feb 25 06:53:51 PST 1999

Re Alex's: "The Simpsons says more about class divisions in American society than any Marxist source."

I'd like to put in a good word here again for "The PJs," which surfaced in discussion briefly here a few weeks ago then disappeared without trace (no doubt because it airs at the same time as the apparent show of the century, Buffy). At least one critic (The Village Voice's Tom Carson, as I recall) has recoiled in horror from "The PJs," virtually deeming it a latter-day "Amos 'n Andy." IMO, that view is all wrong. "The PJs" has had some very sly things to say about HUD bureaucracy, police brutality, etc., and I don't believe it patronizes its characters but presents them in an empathic way.

Carl Remick

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