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Thu Feb 25 07:33:36 PST 1999

Only 10:30 am (EST) and I'm already over quota, but I just couldn't let this AP story pass without sharing it:

Man Sues Over Misspelled Tattoo ROSEVILLE, Mich. (AP) -- A man who used guesswork instead of a dictionary when getting a tattoo is now suing the tattoo parlor over the mistaken spelling of ``villain.'' Lee Williams was left with ``villian'' on his right forearm, but he didn't notice until a friend made fun of him, according to the Circuit Court lawsuit filed Wednesday. Williams, 23, is seeking $25,000 in damages against Eternal Tattoos. To cover up the mistake he had plastic surgery, which cost him $1,900 and left a ``scar as long as his forearm,'' said his lawyer, Paul Clark. Williams, a student at Wayne State University and a former Marine, got the tattoo in 1996. Before the procedure, workers at the parlor debated how to spell the word, Clark said. Williams wasn't sure, either, and they settled on ``villian,'' Clark said. Eternal Tattoos' owner, Terry Welker, said that the parlor has a policy of asking all customers how they want words spelled. He said if a customer agrees to a misspelling, ``that falls back on them, not the artist."

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